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Schifferstein, H.N.J. (author), Özcan Vieira, E. (author), Rozendaal, M.C. (author)
Recent years have shown the introduction of several types of smart products. These products gather data about user behaviour and try to determine an optimal response, in order to make the user’s life easier. However, some smart products also lead to user behaviour that is undesirable. Hence, we would like to introduce a new design paradigm...
conference paper 2015
Giaccardi, E. (author), Ciolfi, L. (author), Hornecker, E. (author), Speed, C. (author), Bardzell, S. (author), Stappers, P.J. (author), Hekkert, P.P.M. (author), Rozendaal, M.C. (author)
This one-day workshop brings together HCI scholars and practitioners who share a common interest in understanding and exploring how we will be socially connected in the future. Central to our discussion will be the exploration of an interdisciplinary research agenda in social interaction design (SxD) that merges social networks and socially...
conference paper 2013
De Ridder, H. (author), Rozendaal, M.C. (author)
Ubiquitous computing (or Ambient Intelligence) promises a world in which information is available anytime anywhere and with which humans can interact in a natural, multimodal way. In such world, perceptual image quality remains an important criterion since most information will be displayed visually, but other criteria such as enjoyment, fun,...
conference paper 2008