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Ahmed, Akmal (author)
As robots become increasingly popular and co-inhabit spaces with people, there is a need for designing robots that people are comfortable interacting with. For robots to successfully integrate into human society, it is important to design robots in a way that enhances the quality of the human-robot interaction. While the human-robot relationship...
master thesis 2023
Donadoni, Laura (author)
The use of social robots increased in the past few years. Current technology, however, lacks in deploying a single robot for different applications without the help of a human being. Current solutions are time-consuming, labour intensive and hard to generalize. Being aware of its surroundings, in terms of environment and context, the robot can...
master thesis 2019
van der Wal, R. (author), Kuipers, M.E. (author), Miljak, L. (author), de Vries, J.N. (author)
Robots play an increasingly large role in society and some material already exists that allows children to program robots in elementary school. However, this material often neglects the interactive capabilities of modern robots. The aim of this project is to teach children how to write interactive programs for a robot. For this purpose, a NAO...
bachelor thesis 2017