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de Bruijne, M.L.C. (author), Hertogh, M.J.C.M. (author), Bakker, H.L.M. (author), Rikhtegarnezami, M. (author)
This study aims to identify which factors affect inter-organizational collaboration (IOC) in interconnected infrastructure projects to enable practitioners to establish a collaborative environment at the project level. This specific form of inter-organizational collaboration (IOC) is characterized as “horizontal” and has received limited...
journal article 2023
Rikhtegarnezami, M. (author), de Bruijne, M.L.C. (author), Hertogh, M.J.C.M. (author), Bakker, H.L.M. (author)
A close collaboration between infrastructure owners is crucial to address challenges in the design and execution of next-generation infrastructure projects for sustainable development. Managing and sharing data among parties involved in infrastructure projects, particularly the data required at the early stages of a project to design and develop...
journal article 2022
Pico Parra, Mauricio (author)
Infrastructure asset managers have the increasing challenge not only to maintain efficiently the functionalities and quality of their infrastructures, but also to upgrade them for the increasing demands and to achieve added value to their assets (Hertogh, Bakker, van der Vlist, & Barneveld, 2018). Moreover, infrastructure projects in densely...
master thesis 2020