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Ye, Liang-Cheng (author), Dias Rodrigues, J.F. (author), Lin, H.X. (author)
In 2011 China initiated policies to promote the adoption of solar photovoltaic (PV) using feed-in tariff (FIT) policies. Since then the PV domestic market expanded substantially. In the past six years, the FIT policies were updated (adjustment of tariff levels, division of three FIT regions, setting of installation quotas) to address emerging...
journal article 2017
Landsbergen, P. (author)
Dutch households are responsible for a significant part of the total Dutch energy consumption and CO2 emissions. One option for decreasing household energy consumption and CO2 emissions is to deploy micro-combined-heat-power (?CHP) units. A micro-CHP virtual power plant (VPP) is a cluster of grid connected ?CHP units that is monitored and...
master thesis 2009