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Jokic, I. (author)
The concept of a network, defined as a collection of interconnected nodes or entities, has become a foundation for a new field of inquiry, namely network science. Despite the apparent simplicity of the concept, the pairwise representation of interconnecting nodes has enabled a plethora of insights into the structure of networks and the effects...
doctoral thesis 2023
Duan, Xiaowei (author)
The inverse shortest path problem (ISPP) is a problem based on graph theory, that is to design link weights in a graph to satisfy that given paths are the shortest between the corresponding node pairs. It can be used in networks of complex systems to solve practical problems such as re-routing in transportation systems and reallocating resources...
master thesis 2022
Darsi, Sai Poojitha (author)
With the proliferating networks, resource allocation based on Quality of Service (QoS) constraints mapping has been one of the difficulties faced by Internet Service Providers (ISP). The advent of new technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing have enabled the users to access content from anywhere around the world. This results in a...
master thesis 2021