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Pari, M. (author)
Sequentially Linear Analysis (SLA) is a proven robust alternative to incremental-iterative solution methods in nonlinear finite element analysis (NLFEA) of quasi-brittle specimen. The core of the method is in its departure from a load, displacement or arc-length driven incremental approach (aided by internal iterations to establish equilibrium)...
doctoral thesis 2020
Pari, M. (author), Swart, W. (author), van Gijzen, M.B. (author), Hendriks, M.A.N. (author), Rots, J.G. (author)
Sequentially linear analysis (SLA), an event-by-event procedure for finite element (FE) simulation of quasi-brittle materials, is based on sequentially identifying a critical integration point in the FE model, to reduce its strength and stiffness, and the corresponding critical load multiplier (λ <sub>crit</sub>), to scale the linear analysis...
journal article 2019
Sleijpen, G.L.G. (author), Van Gijzen, M.B. (author)
IDR(s) [P. Sonneveld and M. B. van Gijzen, SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 31 (2008), pp. 1035–1062] and BiCGstab(?) [G. L. G. Sleijpen and D. R. Fokkema, Electron. Trans. Numer. Anal., 1 (1993), pp. 11–32] are two of the most efficient short-recurrence iterative methods for solving large nonsymmetric linear systems of equations. Which of the two is best...
journal article 2010