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ter Haar Romenij, Jeroen (author)
A significant portion of academic graduates have difficulty finding a first job after graduation. Research shows that the expectations of academic graduate job seekers and employers do not align and this graduation project confirms that job seekers and employers do not speak the same language. On the one hand, job seekers do not seem very able...
master thesis 2020
de Vos, D.W. (author), Meijers, E.J. (author), van Ham, M. (author)
It is generally found that workers are more inclined to accept a job that is located farther away from home if they have the ability to work from home one day a week or more (telecommuting). Such findings inform us about the effectiveness of telecommuting policies that try to alleviate congestion and transport related emissions, but they also...
working paper 2017
Van Ham, M. (author), Büchel, F. (author)
We analyze the effects of regional structures on females’ willingness to work as well as on the probability that non-employed women who are willing to work actually will engage in job search. Special permission was granted to link regional data to individual respondents in the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP). Results of a bivariate probit...
journal article 2004