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Van den Brom, H.E. (author), Houtzager, E. (author), Brinkmeier, B.E.R. (author), Chevtchenko, O.A. (author)
AJosephson arbitrary waveform synthesizer (JAWS) has been developed in order to generate quantum-based ac voltage signals. The key component of this JAWS is a modified commercial 30-Gb/s pattern generator that can generate ternary patterns (containing the values +1, 0, and ?1, resulting in bipolar pulses). The new pulse-drive electronics have...
journal article 2008
Peguiron, J. (author)
In this thesis, ratchet systems operating in the quantum regime are investigated. Ratchet systems, also known as Brownian motors, are periodic systems presenting an intrinsic asymmetry which can be exploited to extract work out of unbiased forces. As a model for ratchet systems, we consider the motion of a particle in a one-dimensional periodic...
doctoral thesis 2005
Elion, W.J. (author)
doctoral thesis 1995