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Lantsoght, E.O.L. (author), Zarate Garnica, G.I. (author), Zhang, F. (author), Park, Min-Kook (author), Yang, Y. (author), Sliedrecht, Henk (author)
For the assessment of existing slab-between-girder bridges, the shear capacity and failure mode are under discussion. Previous research showed that the static and fatigue punching capacity of the slabs is sufficient as a result of compressive membrane action. The girders then become the critical elements. This research studies the shear capacity...
journal article 2021
Dalgiç, K.D. (author), Gulen, D. Burcu (author), Acikgoz, Sinan (author), Burd, Harvey (author), Hendriks, M.A.N. (author), Giardina, Giorgia (author), Ilki, Alper (author)
Underground construction activities, such as tunnelling, cause local ground movements to occur. Nearby surface structures interact with the moving ground, potentially leading to building damage. Although it is understood that the severity of building damage is influenced by the façade opening ratio (OpR) and the stiffness of the floors,...
conference paper 2021
De Groot, M.B. (author), Lindenberg, J. (author), Mastbergen, D.R. (author), Van den Ham, G.A. (author)
Massive failure of submerged slopes form a major threat for many dikes along estuaries in the Netherlands, the subsoil of which consists of alternating layers of loosely packed and more densely packed sand. Static liquefaction in the loosely packed sand plays an important role. Insufficient knowledge is available to predict the flow of sand and...
conference paper 2012