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Guziy, O. (author), Grzanka, S. (author), Leszczynski, M. (author), Perlin, P. (author), Schemmann, M. (author), Salemink, H.W.M. (author)
We demonstrate an integrated tunable coupled-cavity InGaN/GaN laser with the emission wavelength centered on 409 nm. The electronic tuning range was 1.6 nm and threshold currents were 650 mA per cavity for 8.7-?m-wide laser ridges. Multimode laser emission with an average full width at half maximum of 0.3 nm was observed. We estimate the...
journal article 2012
Adam, A.J.L. (author), Kašalynas, I. (author), Hovenier, J.N. (author), Klaassen, T.O. (author), Gao, J.R. (author), Orlova, E.E. (author), Williams, B.S. (author), Kumar, S. (author), Hu, Q. (author), Reno, J.L. (author)
The need to reach single-mode lasing and minimize at the same time the electrical dissipation of cryogenically operated terahertz quantum cascade lasers may result in small and subwavelength cavity dimensions. To assess the influence of such dimensions on the shape of the laser emission, we have measured the beam pattern of two metal-metal...
journal article 2006