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Jagga, Dhruv (author)
Extensive advancements in the field of mobility and safety in transportation in last few decades<br/>have acted as a catalyst for the expansion of automobile industry. The research for the evolution<br/>of new technologies, vehicle safety regulations and specifications and the market requirements<br/>has given this progress a greater push. The...
master thesis 2017
Appelman, N. (author)
Already for some time, electronic enhancements regarding vehicle behavior has made its way into the aviation and automotive industry by the term "by-wire" technology. Electronic sensors and actuators are used to replace traditional mechanical systems in which software is used to operate the actuators in a way that is not possible with...
master thesis 2012
Katzourakis, D. (author)
The goal of this thesis is to propose steering support systems that can reduce the driver’s control effort, mental load and promote safety. The driver dictates the vehicle’s motion and the support should centralize him/her in the control loop; thus our design philosophy is to increase driver’s responsibility and support him/her in the sense of...
doctoral thesis 2012