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Conradie, Willem (author), Palmigiano, A. (author), Zhao, Z. (author)
In recent years, unified correspondence has been developed as a generalized Sahlqvist theory which applies uniformly to all signatures of normal and regular (distributive) lattice expansions. A fundamental tool for attaining this level of generality and uniformity is a principled way, based on order theory, to define the Sahlqvist and...
journal article 2019
Goetze, Joris (author), Yarulina, I. (author), Gascon, Jorge (author), Kapteijn, F. (author), Weckhuysen, Bert M. (author)
In small-pore zeolite catalysts, where the size of the pores is limited by eight-ring windows, aromatic hydrocarbon pool molecules that are formed inside the zeolite during the Methanol-to-Olefins (MTO) process cannot exit the pores and are retained inside the catalyst. Hydrocarbon species whose size is comparable to the size of the zeolite...
journal article 2018