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Li, Wenting (author), Wang, Ping (author), Liang, K. (author)
Password-only authentication is one of the most popular secure mechanisms for real-world online applications. But it easily suffers from a practical threat - password leakage, incurred by external and internal attackers. The external attacker may compromise the password file stored on the authentication server, and the insider may...
journal article 2023
Haschenburger, A.I. (author)
Composites are increasingly used in the aerospace industry due to their lightweight potential and flexible design options. The most widespread manufacturing process for large components made of fibre composites is still the open mould process. In this process, a composite component is placed on a mould and hermetically sealed with a vacuum bag...
doctoral thesis 2022
Willemsen, Maurice (author)
We consider a system of IoT nodes powered completely by energy harvesting.This work focuses on achieving the time correlation of data measurements ina network of energy harvesting sensor nodes. Time correlation is achieved byhopping a message through the whole network. This message wakes up all thenodes and lets them perform a measurement....
master thesis 2020