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Kim, Kevin Gonyop (author), Oertel, Catharine (author), Dillenbourg, Pierre (author)
Context: Exploring the design space is an important process in a design task. In this study, we considered design space exploration for the learners in vocational education and training (VET). The goal of the study was to investigate how they explore the design space while focusing on the effect of a graph-like interface on the learner's...
journal article 2021
Beckers, R. (author), van der Voordt, Theo (author), DeWulf, Geert (author)
Higher education learning and teaching methods have changed while most educational buildings are still rather traditional. Yet, there is an increasing interest in whether we can educate today's higher education students in yesterday's buildings. This paper aims to contribute to this debate by studying the learning space choices of higher...
journal article 2016
De Hoog, W. (author)
Learning is often perceived as a very complex and many-sided matter that is fuelled by social interaction and participation. It is therefore no wonder that in today’s knowledge and information-led society the concepts of ‘lifelong learning and knowledge’ have become more popular in relation to both the formation and implementation of policies...
master thesis 2012