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Hoogeboom, R.P. (author)
Linear aerostatic bearings are frequently used in high precision stages for their advantageous bearing properties, with low friction and absence of stick-slip being most notable. To improve relatively low out-of-plane stiffness of air bearings, pre-loading is applied. A common method of pre-loading is by utilizing vacuum, where a constant vacuum...
master thesis 2016
Moon, Y.J. (author), Bae, Y.M. (author), Cho, M.H. (author)
In the present study, aerodynamic noise from a forward-facing step is numerically investigated for Reynolds number based on the step height, Reh=8,000 and flow Mach number, M=0.03. A three-dimensional flow over the forward-facing step is calculated by the incompressible large eddy simulation (LES), while its acoustic field is solved by the...
conference paper 2006