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Kuhlmann, K.S. (author)
Since the interest in autonomous driving solutions is massively increasing, the need for good and reliable control algorithms is growing every day. This project studies the performance of safe lane changes of a highly autonomous vehicle given the currently available perception of the environment, vehicle dynamics and desired comfort and speed...
master thesis 2014
Adzkiya, D. (author)
Max-Plus-Linear (MPL) systems are a class of discrete-event systems with a continuous state space characterizing the timing of the underlying sequential discrete events. These systems are predisposed to describe the timing synchronization between interleaved processes. MPL systems are employed in the analysis and scheduling of infrastructure...
doctoral thesis 2014
Dahlan, B. (author)
This thesis presents a method to semi-automate the reasoning about network bounds, namely the backlog and delay. Network Calculus offers a rich theory for modeling network elements. Using the modeling techniques of network calculus, network elements are represented by discrete-time systems whose dynamics are linear in min-plus algebra. From the...
master thesis 2013