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Curran, A.N. (author), de Bruijn, Karin M. (author), Klerk, W.J. (author), Kok, M. (author)
To make informed flood risk management (FRM) decisions in large protected river systems, flood risk and hazard analyses should include the potential for dike breaching. 'Load interdependency' analyses attempt to include the system-wide effects of dike breaching while accounting for the uncertainty of both river loads and dike fragility. The...
journal article 2019
Klerk, W.J. (author), Kok, M. (author), de Bruijn, K.M. (author), Jonkman, S.N. (author), van Overloop, P.J. (author)
In the Netherlands, flood risk analysis is usually carried out for a location, without considering potential flood defence failures in upstream areas. This may result in significant over- or underestimation of flood risks. The effect of upstream failures on failure probabilities and flood risks in other areas is called load interdependence of...
conference paper 2014
Klerk, W.J. (author)
In the Netherlands flood risks are often assessed by using a dike ring approach. This approach has, aside from many advantages, also some disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that, when zooming in on a small area, the effect of the system on that small area and vice versa, is or cannot be accounted for properly. Research has shown that for a...
master thesis 2013