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Muller, Marjolein (author)
Introduction: Over the past two decades deep brain stimulation (DBS) has emerged as an important therapeutic option for Parkinson’s disease (PD). However, the current DBS programming method, monopolar review (MPR), is time-consuming, requires highly trained personnel and causes discomfort for patients. This study aimed to predict the optimal...
master thesis 2023
Stam, Mariëlle (author)
Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is used to treat a variety of movement disorders. In current DBS therapy, the stimulation parameters are manually adjusted based on a subjective assessment of patient’s symptoms. State-of-the-art DBS research focuses on recording brain activity to create a patient-specific neuronal profile that correlates with the...
master thesis 2021
Tchimino, Jack (author)
Signal Analysis techniques are routinely used in Neuroscience to interpret raw signals harvested from the Nervous System. From a simple Fourier analysis to more complicated methods such as multiresolution wavelet analysis, such techniques must be used for signal manipulation in order to reach informed conclusions on the measurements taking place...
master thesis 2018