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Zhao, X. (author), Huang, Shuangchao (author), Yin, Shan (author), Yang, Jizhong (author), Yang, Z. (author), Tao, Gongquan (author), Wen, Zefeng (author)
A time-domain finite element model is developed to study the transient rolling contact of a driving wheelset over a curved track with Low Adhesion Zones (LAZs) shorter than 1.0 m. LAZs on one rail, i.e., unilateral LAZs occurring more likely, is treated for a speed up to 500 km/h. Structural vibrations of wheelset are analyzed to explain the...
journal article 2023
Arias-Cuevas, O. (author)
Adhesion, or adhesion coefficient, is given by the ratio of the longitudinal tangential (i.e., braking or traction) force over the normal force at the wheel-rail contact. The tangential force that a braking or tractive railway wheel can exert on a rail is limited by the friction coefficient available between the surfaces in contact for a given...
doctoral thesis 2010