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Storm, S.T.H. (author)
The Rebuilding Macroeconomic Theory Project, led by David Vines and Samuel Wills (2020), is an important, albeit long overdue, initiative to rethink a failing mainstream macroeconomics. Professors Vines and Wills, who must be congratulated for stepping up to the challenge of trying to make mainstream macroeconomics relevant again, call for a new...
journal article 2021
Schaafsma, P.J. (author)
Orbital fat is the soft tissue inside the eye socket, or orbit, that surrounds the eye muscles, eyeball, optic nerve and blood vessels. It plays an important role in the mechanical operation of the eye during eyeball rotation. Knowledge of how this orbital fat behaves is limited. It is important for surgeons to improve this knowledge to make...
master thesis 2011
Hurkmans, T.M.F. (author)
Optical flow algorithms present a way for computers to estimate motion from the real world. Applications like cloud motion, surveillance and robot eyesight are examples of this. The focus of existing research is mainly on either fast, but poor solutions, or slow but good solutions. In this thesis an approach to improve performance through...
master thesis 2009