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Leegwater, H. (author), Schut, H. (author), Egger, W. (author), Baldi, A. (author), Dam, B. (author), Eijt, S.W.H. (author)
We obtained evidence for the partial chemical segregation of as-deposited and hydrogenated Mg1?yTiy films (0 ? y ? 0.30) into nanoscale Ti and Mg domains using positron Doppler-broadening. We exclusively monitor the hydrogenation of Mg domains, owing to the large difference in positron affinity for Mg and Ti. The electron momentum distribution...
journal article 2010
Baldi, A. (author), Palmisano, V. (author), Gonzalez-Silveira, M. (author), Pivak, Y. (author), Slaman, M. (author), Schreuders, H. (author), Dam, B. (author), Griessen, R. (author)
The thermodynamics of hydrogen absorption in Pd-capped Mg films are strongly dependent on the magnesium thickness. In the present work, we suppress such dependency by inserting a thin Ti layer between Mg and Pd. By means of optical measurements, we show that the surface energy contribution to the destabilization of MgH2 is negligible. The...
journal article 2009