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Lobino, M. (author), Marshall, G.D. (author), Xiong, C. (author), Clark, A.S. (author), Bonneau, D. (author), Natarajan, C.M. (author), Tanner, M.G. (author), Hadfield, R.H. (author), Dorenbos, S.N. (author), Zijlstra, T. (author), Zwiller, V. (author), Marangoni, M. (author), Ramponi, R. (author), Thompson, M.G. (author), Eggleton, B.J. (author), O'Brien, J.L. (author)
We demonstrate photon-pair generation in a reverse proton exchanged waveguide fabricated on a periodically poled magnesium doped stoichiometric lithium tantalate substrate. Detected pairs are generated via a cascaded second order nonlinear process where a pump laser at wavelength of 1.55 ?m is first doubled in frequency by second harmonic...
journal article 2011