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Mooij, L.P.A. (author)
The aim of this thesis is to study the thermodynamics of hydrogenation of nanoconfined magnesium within a thin film multilayer model system. Magnesium hydride is a potential material for hydrogen storage, which is a key component in a renewable energy system based on hydrogen. In bulk form, magnesium hydride is very stable, which means that...
doctoral thesis 2013
Krishnan, G. (author), Kooi, B.J. (author), Palasantzas, G. (author), Pivak, Y. (author), Dam, B. (author)
In this work we present a unique transmission electron microscopy study of the thermal stability of gas phase synthesized Mg nanoparticles, which have attracted strong interest as high capacity hydrogen storage materials. Indeed, Mg nanoparticles with a MgO shell ( ? 3?nm thick) annealed at 300?°C show evaporation, void formation, and void...
journal article 2010
Schimmel, H.G. (author)
For sustainable development, the resources of the earth need to be maintained and carbon dioxide emission should be avoided. In particular, we need to find an alternative for the use of fossil fuels in vehicles. Since long, hydrogen has been recognised as the fuel of the future because it exhausts only water when used in fuel cells and hardly...
doctoral thesis 2005