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Leegwater, H. (author), Schut, H. (author), Egger, W. (author), Baldi, A. (author), Dam, B. (author), Eijt, S.W.H. (author)
We obtained evidence for the partial chemical segregation of as-deposited and hydrogenated Mg1?yTiy films (0 ? y ? 0.30) into nanoscale Ti and Mg domains using positron Doppler-broadening. We exclusively monitor the hydrogenation of Mg domains, owing to the large difference in positron affinity for Mg and Ti. The electron momentum distribution...
journal article 2010
Eijt, S.W.H. (author), Kind, R. (author), Singh, S. (author), Schut, H. (author), Legerstee, W.J. (author), Hendrikx, R.W.A. (author), Svetchnikov, V.L. (author), Westerwaal, R.J. (author), Dam, B. (author)
We report positron depth-profiling studies on the hydrogen sorption behavior and phase evolution of Mg-based thin films. We show that the main changes in the depth profiles resulting from the hydrogenation to the respective metal hydrides are related to a clear broadening in the observed electron momentum densities in both Mg and Mg2Ni films....
journal article 2009