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Sales, Morten (author), Plomp, J. (author), Habicht, Klaus (author), Tremsin, Anton (author), Bouwman, W.G. (author), Strobl, Markus (author)
Spin-Echo Modulated Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SEMSANS) in Time-of-Flight (ToF) mode has been shown to be a promising technique for measuring (very) small angle neutron scattering (SANS) signals and performing quantitative Dark-Field Imaging (DFI), i.e., SANS with 2D spatial resolution. However, the wavelength dependence of the...
journal article 2016
Jiang, J. (author)
The combination of Hall sensors and coils can be a practical solution for obtaining a CMOS-compatible contactless current sensor with high bandwidth. A current sensitivity of 1mV/A is achieved by the Hall sensors, and the coils have a current sensitivity of about 8mV/A?┬Ás-1. The current sensitivity is influenced by the actual die position inside...
master thesis 2011