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Bretzel, S. (author)
Gyromagnetic experiments, the Barnett effect (magnetization by rotation) and the Einstein-de Haas effect (rotation by magnetization), were initially devised to test the molecular current hypothesis and determine the electron g-factor at the dawn of quantum mechanics. Advances in fabrication techniques and an ever increasing control of materials...
doctoral thesis 2011
Wetzels, W. (author)
Most applications in electronics are based on manipulation of the electron charge. Currently, there is also a lot of research into the possibility to make use of the electron spin, for example in magnetoelectronics. This field of research studies hybrid systems consisting of ferromagnetic metals, paramagnetic metals and insulators. In this...
doctoral thesis 2007
Kovalev, A.A. (author)
Only charge degree of freedom is utilized in most electronic devices. The use of the spin degree of freedom is relatively recent. The discovery of the Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) effect initiated the development of magnetoelectronics - the field that studies effects on electron transport involving the spin degree of freedom. GMR is a very...
doctoral thesis 2006