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Zazueta Martinez, Isis (author)
Vortex-induced vibration or as well-known as VIV is a phenomenon that has caught the attention of engineers along history. VIV is related to many engineering fields. In the offshore industry, it is of importance for risers that extract oil from the subsoil, and tethered anchors for floating units.<br/>The main aim of the thesis is to model the...
master thesis 2019
Van Aubel, J.F. (author)
When harsh weather conditions are expected during an offshore pipeline operation, the decision to start the abandonment procedure has to be taken based on pipeline integrity limits. The pipeline integrity which is analysed by a maximum design sea state does not correspond to the situation offshore, because sea states always occur in a different...
master thesis 2015
Selker, R. (author)
To keep up with the growing demand for oil and gas, the oil and gas industry ventures into deeper waters. For a deep water pipeline project, South Stream, a pipeline test program is developed. Part of this program is the investigation of the resistance of an externally pressurised pipeline against local buckling collapse. This is a decisive...
master thesis 2013