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Sharoubim, Sarah (author)
Often, vessels have multiple operation modes that are specialised for a certain task. If a vessel is employed with a controllable pitch propeller(CPP), the blade pitch can be adjusted, adding a degree of freedom to the system. This advantage creates the possibility to increase the diversity of operation modes of the vessel and allows for...
master thesis 2021
Vrijdag, A. (author), Martelli, M. (author)
Simulation models of the ship propulsion system play an increasingly important role, for instance in controller design and condition monitoring. However, creation of such simulation models requires significant time and effort. In this paper, the application of deterministic identification techniques on a DC-electric ship drive train is explored...
journal article 2021
Vrijdag, A. (author), Sang, Yueming (author)
In this paper the concept of ship propulsion system “fingerprinting” is explored as an alternative for data driven models that require extensive measured datasets collected over long periods of ship operation. As a first exploratory step a model of a ship in bollard pull conditions is linearised and its transfer functions are determined....
conference paper 2018