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Hu, Yuyang (author), Doğan, D. (author), Brown, Michael (author), Bulot, Mahé (author), Ferin, Guillaume (author), Leus, G.J.T. (author), Kruizinga, P. (author), Steen, Antonius F.W. (author), Bosch, Johannes G. (author)
It has been previously demonstrated that applying an aberrating mask for 2D compressive imaging using a low number of sensors (elements) can significantly improve image resolution, as evaluated via the point spread function. Here we investigate the potential to apply a similar approach for 3D flow monitoring. We conducted a 3D k-Wave simulation...
conference paper 2023
Hu, Yuyang (author), Brown, Michael (author), Doğan, D. (author), Leus, G.J.T. (author), Kruizinga, P. (author), Van Der Steen, Antonius F.W. (author), Bosch, Johannes G. (author)
We intend to develop an ultrasound compressive imaging device to perform carotid artery (CA) function and flow monitoring/imaging by using just a few single element transducers equipped with spatial coding masks. The spatially unique impulse responses can be exploited in compressive reconstructions. To explore the potential of different...
conference paper 2022
Tchimino, Jack (author)
Signal Analysis techniques are routinely used in Neuroscience to interpret raw signals harvested from the Nervous System. From a simple Fourier analysis to more complicated methods such as multiresolution wavelet analysis, such techniques must be used for signal manipulation in order to reach informed conclusions on the measurements taking place...
master thesis 2018