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Prodanovic, V. (author)
For decades, photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) have been the most common choice in single photon detection, covering the spectral range from deep-ultraviolet to nearinfrared. PMT is a vacuum tube with three crucial components: photocathode, chain of dynodes and anode. At the photocathode, photons are converted to electrons in a photoelectric effect,...
doctoral thesis 2019
Bucs, S.S. (author)
Global freshwater demand has significantly increased over the past century and continued growth is expected in the coming century. Since more than 97 percent of the water in the world is seawater, desalination technologies have the potential to solve the fresh water crisis. Currently, the most used desalination technology is reverse osmosis,...
doctoral thesis 2017
Van Eekelen, S.J.M. (author), Bezuijen, A. (author)
In the Netherlands, several field measurements were carried out in piled embankments with a geosynthetic basal reinforcement (GR). This paper presents a series of nineteen 3D model experiments on piled embankments. Purpose of the tests was to find an explanation why the calculated GR strains exceed the GR strains measured in the field. This...
conference paper 2012