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Zahedi, M.Z. (author), Shahroodi, T. (author), Wong, J.S.S.M. (author), Hamdioui, S. (author)
The vast potential of memristor-based computation-in-memory (CIM) engines has mainly triggered the mapping of best-suited applications. Nevertheless, with additional support, existing applications can also benefit from CIM. In particular, this paper proposes an energy and area-efficient CIM-based methodology to perform arithmetic signed...
journal article 2023
Buis, Jan Maarten (author)
Renewed interest in memory technologies such as memristors and ferroelectric devices can provide opportunities for traditional and non-traditional computing systems alike. To make versatile, reprogrammable AI hardware possible, neuromorphic systems are in need of a low-power, non-volatile and analog memory solution to store the weights of the...
master thesis 2022
Gebregiorgis, A.B. (author), Singh, A. (author), Diware, S.S. (author), Bishnoi, R.K. (author), Hamdioui, S. (author)
Computation-In-Memory (CIM) using memristor devices provides an energy-efficient hardware implementation of arithmetic and logic operations for numerous applications, such as neuromorphic computing and database query. However, memristor-based CIM suffers from various non-idealities such as conductance drift, read disturb, wire parasitics,...
conference paper 2022
Zahedi, M.Z. (author), Abu Lebdeh, M.F.M. (author), Bengel, Christopher (author), Wouters, Dirk (author), Menzel, Stephan (author), Le Gallo, Manuel (author), Sebastian, Abu (author), Wong, J.S.S.M. (author), Hamdioui, S. (author)
In recent years, we are witnessing a trend toward in-memory computing for future generations of computers that differs from traditional von-Neumann architecture in which there is a clear distinction between computing and memory units. Considering that data movements between the central processing unit (CPU) and memory consume several orders...
journal article 2022
Yu, J. (author), Nane, R. (author), Ashraf, I. (author), Taouil, M. (author), Hamdioui, S. (author), Corporaal, Henk (author), Bertels, K.L.M. (author)
Memristor-based Computation-in-Memory (CIM) is one of the emerging architectures for next-generation Big Data problems. Its design requires a radically new synthesis flow as the memristor is a passive device that uses resistances to encode its logic values. This article proposes a synthesis flow for mapping parallel applications on memristor...
journal article 2020
Abhairaj Singh, Abhairaj (author)
Modern computing systems suffer due to inability of CMOS-device technology and conventional Von-Neumann architectures to support today's ever-increasing demand of high performance, reliability, cost and energy-efficiency. While CMOS device suffers from high static leakage, reduced reliability and manufacturing complexity; conventional computing...
master thesis 2019
Xie, L. (author)
Memristive device or memristor is a promising emerging technology due to its good scalability, near-zero standby power consumption, high integration density, and CMOS fabrication compatibility. Several potential applications based on memristor technology have been proposed, such as non-volatile memories, neuromorphic systems, and resistive...
doctoral thesis 2018
Xie, L. (author), Du Nguyen, H.A. (author), Taouil, M. (author), Hamdioui, S. (author), Bertels, K.L.M. (author)
Alternatives to CMOS logic circuit implementations are under research for future scaled electronics. Memristor crossbar-based logic circuit is one of the promising candidates to at least partially replace CMOS technology, which is facing many challenges such as reduced scalability, reliability, and performance gain. Memristor crossbar offers...
journal article 2018
Yu, J. (author), Du Nguyen, H.A. (author), Xie, L. (author), Taouil, M. (author), Hamdioui, S. (author)
CMOS technology and its continuous scaling have made electronics and computers accessible and affordable for almost everyone on the globe; in addition, they have enabled the solutions of a wide range of societal problems and applications. Today, however, both the technology and the computer architectures are facing severe challenges/walls making...
conference paper 2018
Hogervorst, T.A. (author)
The memory-wall problem is a big challenge that classical Von Neumann-based computer systems face. This problem is caused by the increasing performance gap between the main memory and the central processing unit. The novel Computation-in-Memory (CiM) architecture can solve the memory wall problem by using emerging memristor technology to perform...
master thesis 2017
Escudero-López, Manuel (author), Amat, Esteve (author), Rubio, Antonio (author), Pouyan, P. (author)
Memristors are considered a promising emerging device that may improve some specific applications, like memories, or make feasible new ones, mainly alternative computing architectures. However, it is not a mature technology and their characteristics can vary significantly depending on their structures. Also, variability and reliability might...
conference paper 2017
Yu, J. (author), Nane, R. (author), Haron, M.A.B. (author), Hamdioui, S. (author), Corporaal, H (author), Bertels, K.L.M. (author)
Memristor-based Computation-in-Memory is one of the emerging architectures proposed to deal with Big Data problems. The design of such architectures requires a radically new automatic design flow because the memristor is a passive device that uses resistance to encode its logic value. This paper proposes a design flow for mapping parallel...
conference paper 2016
Chrétien, C. (author)
In 2008 Hewlett-Packard requested a patent on a passive memristive device, which caused the memristor to become a popular area of research again. This thesis focuses on the mathematical derivation and definition of a memristor and how we can incorporate such a memristor in a feedback control system. We determine the describing function of a...
bachelor thesis 2014
Bliek, L. (author)
The memristor is an electronic component which was invented in theory by Leon Chua in 1971, based on logics and symmetry. In 2008, HP Labs has realized an actual memristor on the nanoscale level for the first time in history. Since then, a lot of researchers have focused their attention on the memristor. It is one of the fundamental passive...
bachelor thesis 2011
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