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Bartha, Zsolt (author), Komjáthy, J. (author), Raes, Järvi (author)
A k-truncated resolving set of a graph is a subset S⊆V of its vertex set such that the vector (d<sub>k</sub>(s,v))<sub>s∈S</sub> is distinct for each vertex v∈V where d<sub>k</sub>(x,y)=min⁡{d(x,y),k+1} is the graph distance truncated at k+1. We think of elements of a k-truncated resolving set as sensors that can measure up to distance k. The...
journal article 2023
Datema, Tobias (author)
In this thesis, we consider the threshold metric dimension problem of graphs, related to and motivated by source detection.<br/>We construct a graph G = (V,E) for a given set of sensors of size m: {s1, s2, ..., sm} and a range k &gt; 0. We want that each node v ∈ V has a unique combination of distances (dk (s1, v),dk (s2, v), ...,dk (sm, v)),...
bachelor thesis 2022