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Silicon-based MEMS technology has been the standard for developing 2D and 3D<br/>micro-structures for many years. There are 2 main classifications of MEMS manufacturing technologies, viz. bulk micro-machining, and surface micro-machining.<br/>These techniques have its own set of drawbacks. Bulk micro-machining affects the structural integrity of...
master thesis 2021
Alles, E.J. (author)
Intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) is a medical imaging modality aimed at imaging blood vessel walls from within the vessel. Current commercial IVUS catheters are designed to yield two-dimensional cross-sectional images perpendicular to the vessel wall. By pulling the catheter back through the artery (in the ‘axial direction’), and stacking the...
doctoral thesis 2012
Van Zeijl, H.W. (author), Bijnen, F.G.C. (author), Slabbekoorn, J. (author)
To validate the Front- To Backwafer Alignment (FTBA) calibration and to investigate process related overlay errors, electrical overlay test structures are used that requires FTBA [1]. Anisotropic KOH etch through the wafer is applied to transfer the backwafer pattern to the frontwafer. Consequently, the crystal orientation introduces an overlay...
conference paper 2004