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Wei, J.C. (author), Cartmill, Ian D. (author), Kendall, Mark AF (author), Crichton, Michael L. (author)
With the development of wearable technologies, the interfacial properties of skin and devices have become much more important. For research and development purposes, porcine skin is often used to evaluate device performance, but the differences between in vivo, in situ and ex vivo porcine skin mechanical properties can potentially misdirect...
journal article 2022
Demirci, Eda (author)
[Background] This project provides a proof of principle to use microneedles in combination with optical spectroscopy for bilirubin detection. For newborns, high bilirubin levels in the blood can lead to serious health consequences, such as jaundice, which can lead to brain damage. Therefore, it should be detected as early as possible. However,...
master thesis 2019
Luijk, V. (author)
U-Needle B.V. is company specialized in the development and production of mono-crystalline silicon micro-needles. These micro-needles have a thickness of 0.25 mm and a maximum length of 2.00 mm. Because of this short length, micro-needles are an ideal solution for easy and reliable intra-dermal injections, which finds its use in many...
master thesis 2014