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Zhang, Youming (author), Wei, Zhennan (author), Tang, Xusheng (author), Zhang, L. (author), Huang, Fengyi (author)
This letter presents a convenient approach based on the two-port kQ-product theory to analyze the influence of interwinding capacitive coupling on the efficiency of the transformer. It is demonstrated that a transformer with proper size can benefit from the interwinding capacitive coupling to maximize its efficiency at a desired frequency....
journal article 2022
Hersyandika, Rizqi (author), Wang, Q. (author), Pollin, Sofie (author)
We exploit a dense cell-free mmWave network where User Equipments (UEs) are served by multiple highly directional beams provided by multiple Base Stations (BSs) simultaneously. Such multi-beam scenarios can either offer high spectral efficiency when different information is transmitted through each beam or a diversity gain when each beam...
conference paper 2021