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Zimba, H.M. (author)
Through precipitation retention and evaporation (by both interception and transpiration), woodlands play a significant role in the global moisture cycle. Evaporation is the largest, but at the same time, the most difficult flux to observe in a woodland. Accounting for woodland evaporation is important for hydrological modelling for the efficient...
doctoral thesis 2023
van Doorn, Sylvia (author)
The Miombo woodlands are characterized by a transition period which is defined as the dry period in which grasses wither, trees shed and flush their leaves a few weeks before the rainy season. It is difficult to measure evaporation, due to the influence of the plant water storage on the water availability during the dry season. The seasonal...
master thesis 2020
Zimba, H.M. (author), Coenders-Gerrits, Miriam (author), Kawawa, Banda (author), Savenije, Hubert (author), Nyambe, Imasiku (author), Winsemius, H.C. (author)
Understanding the canopy cover relationship with canopy water content and canopy temperature in the Miombo ecosystem is important for studying the consequences of climate change. To better understand these relationships, we studied the satellite data-based land surface temperature (LST) as proxy for canopy temperature, leaf area index (LAI),...
journal article 2020