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Tao, Y. (author), Petrović, A. (author), van Ham, M. (author), Fu, Xingxing (author)
Residential self-selection studies argue that pre-existing travel-related attitude overshadows the role of changes in residential built environment in (re)shaping travel behaviours. Our study contributes to this self-selection argument by including family- and job-related life events as another self-selection source, and accounting for the...
journal article 2023
Tao, Y. (author), Petrović, A. (author), van Ham, M. (author)
The relationship between commuting behaviours and subjective wellbeing has been fascinating scholars of different disciplines. Especially in the last decade, longitudinal research designs have made great progress in identifying causality in the commuting-wellbeing relationship by focusing on within-individual variations over time. However,...
journal article 2022
De Haas, M.C. (author)
In this thesis the relatively new method of latent transition analysis is applied within the mobility biographies framework to assess how life events influence changes in travel behaviour. Using transition analysis, it is assessed how people switch between different travel patterns over time. Data from the first three waves of the Netherlands...
master thesis 2016