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Luttikhuizen, Bernard (author)
The Dutch drinking water utilities are legally responsible for supplying drinking water to their assigned customer base. Continuing to supply drinking water for the long term is coming under pressure from challenges on the supply side, related to water quality and quantity on the one hand and developments due to increasing demand for drinking...
master thesis 2024
Scandolo, L. (author), Bauszat, P. (author), Eisemann, E. (author)
Stereoscopic 3D technology gives visual content creators a new dimension of design when creating images and movies. While useful for conveying emotion, laying emphasis on certain parts of the scene, or guiding the viewer's attention, editing stereo content is a challenging task. Not respecting comfort zones or adding incorrect depth cues, for...
journal article 2018
Krielaart, G.P. (author), Van der Zwaag, S. (author)
conference paper 1995