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Dietrich, H.R.C. (author), Vermolen, B.J. (author), Rieger, B. (author), Young, I.T. (author), Garini, Y. (author)
Single-molecule techniques continue to gain in popularity in research disciplines such as the study of intermolecular interactions. These techniques provide information that otherwise would be lost by using bulk measurements that deal with a large number of molecules. We describe in this report the motion of tethered DNA molecules that have been...
conference paper 2007
Dietrich, H.R.C. (author), Young, I.T. (author), Garini, Y. (author)
The study of DNA-protein interactions is gaining increased attention due to their importance in cellular processes. Only a well-functioning interaction guaranties that such a process can take place without errors. So far, only a small percentage of these interactions have been unraveled, partially due to their complexity but also due to the fact...
conference paper 2006