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Walstra, D.J.R. (author)
Nearshore sandbars have a lifetime of many years, during which they exhibit cyclic, offshore directed behaviour with strong alongshore coherence. A bar is generated near the shoreline and grows in height and width while migrating offshore, before finally decaying at the seaward limit of the surf zone. It may take 10 to 15 years for a bar to...
doctoral thesis 2016
Walstra, D.J.R. (author), Wesselman, Daan (author), van der Deyl, Eveline (author), Ruessink, BG (author)
Inter-annual bar dynamics may vary considerably across sites with very similar environmental settings. In particular, the variability of the bar cycle return period (Tr) may differ by a factor of 3 to 4. To date, data studies are only partially successful in explaining differences in Tr, establishing at best weak correlations to local...
journal article 2016
Haerens, P. (author), Ciavola, P. (author), Ferreira, O. (author), Van Dongeren, A. (author), Van Koningsveld, M. (author), Bolle, A. (author)
Extreme coastal storms have a destructive impact on coastal areas and directly affect people living in the coastal zone, being this emphasized by recent events (e.g. Katrina, Xynthia) which reminded the world of the vulnerability of coastal areas. The economic constraints and the increasing vulnerability of coastal areas (due to sea level rise...
conference paper 2012