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Diepeveen, Bas (author)
The behaviour of tidal basins has been predicted using a modelling approach in which a morphological equilibrium for an entire basin was used frequently in the past. Because tidal basins have, to an certain extend, a fractal nature, it is expected that this approach could be used with a morphological equilibrium for subbasins as well.<br/><br/...
master thesis 2022
Wang, Z.B. (author), Ding, P.X. (author)
The channels in the Yangtze Estuary have an ordered-branching structure: The estuary is first divided by the Chongming Island into the North Branch and the South Branch. Then the South Branch is divided into the North Channel and South Channel by the Islands Changxing and Hengsha. The South Channel is again divided into the North and South...
conference paper 2012