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Schallig, Wouter (author), Streekstra, Geert J. (author), Hulshof, Chantal M. (author), Kleipool, Roeland P. (author), Dobbe, Johannes G.G. (author), Maas, Mario (author), Harlaar, J. (author), van der Krogt, Marjolein M. (author), van den Noort, Josien C. (author)
Movement of skin markers with respect to their underlying bone (i.e. soft tissue artifacts (STAs)) might corrupt the accuracy of marker-based movement analyses. This study aims to quantify STAs in 3D for foot markers and their effect on multi-segment foot kinematics as calculated by the Oxford and Rizzoli Foot Models (OFM, RFM). Fifteen...
journal article 2021
Teunissen, C. (author)
Over the last decade, consumer television sets have substantially increased in screen size, with screen diagonals up to 65-inch and beyond. At the same time, their thickness has decreased to only a few centimeters. Right from the start, this combination has been highly appreciated by consumers, resulting in a fast acceptance of flat-screen...
doctoral thesis 2009