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de Vlieger, Tim (author)
Offshore lifting operations must have reduced payload motion to increase safety and reduce operating time. When payload is retrieved from the splash zone to the deck, besides the crane block, no additional control can be applied on the underactuated system. Existing studies either assume more control over the payload or develop a control system...
master thesis 2022
Kiskiras, Konstantinos (author)
Jumbo is a heavy lift, shipping, offshore transportation and installation contractor. Jumbo is an experienced company in ocean transportation for more than 45 years. Since 2003, building on their heavy lift capability, Jumbo is rapidly getting involved in the offshore installation market.<br/><br/>Jumbo normally uses dynamic positioning systems...
master thesis 2017
Bockmann, Eirik (author), Steen, Sverre (author)
conference paper 2013