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Das Neves, L. (author), Lopes, M.L. (author), Veloso-Gomes, F. (author), Taveira-Pinto, F. (author)
Unidirectional irregular waves of varying significant wave-height and peak period but with a constant spectral shape (JONSWAP spectrum, ?=3.3) were generated over a sandy 3:20 sloped plane beach to investigate scour fronting a dune erosion control system constructed from geotextiles, slope inclined at 45ยบ. Both passive (i.e., three dune erosion...
conference paper 2012
Sutmuller, A.M. (author), Glerum, H.L. (author)
In het streven een beter inzicht te krijgen in de gevolgen van rivierreguleringswerken, waarbij de stroming een drie-dimensionaal karakter heeft, wordt naar deze gevolgen onderzoek verricht in het kader van Toegepast Onderzoek Waterstaat Rivieren. Dit onderzoek kan in grote lijnen worden onderverdeeld in: (i) de ontwikkeling van een mathematisch...
report 1980
Aspden, J.A.T. (author), Wainer, I.J. (author), Wells, D.R. (author), Zwamborn, J.A. (author)
Tests have been done in a laboratory flume, to evaluate the influence of vertical rods of 3 mm dia on the hydraulic and sedimentological characteristics of the flow. The first two tests have been done with some 10 cm waterdepth. In both tests the s ame flow rate and sediment transport was used, the only difference between the tests being the...
report 1962