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Rambharos, Shanita (author)
Persuasive games have great properties for facilitating lasting attitude change for complex societal issues, making them a valuable tool for achieving attitude change towards cooperation and information sharing that is often necessary for effective multi-actor decision-making. It is assumed that persuasive game design principles are key drivers...
master thesis 2019
Matthijssen, Arwen (author)
The transition towards fully Automated Vehicles (AV) can lead to inefficient use of the available infrastructure in the Netherlands, while space is already scarce. - Knowledge from AV impact studies can help the government in the management of available infrastructure. Therefore, in this research a systematic literature review was carried out in...
master thesis 2018
Ravestein, A.F. (author)
ProRail is the railway management company of the Netherlands. It is responsible for the construction, maintenance, management, and safety of the Dutch railway system. ProRail has as a goal an annual five per cent increase in the number of transported passengers up to 2020. This goal cannot be reached with the current way of transporting...
master thesis 2012