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Lescur, Amke (author), Stergar, Erich (author), Lim, Jun (author), Hertelé, Stijn (author), Petrov, R.H. (author)
Austenitic stainless steels similar to type AISI 316L are widely used structural materials in current and future nuclear reactors. Careful development and characterization of these materials and their welds is needed to verify the structural integrity of large-scale multicomponent structures. Understanding the local deformation behavior in...
journal article 2023
Gao, H. (author)
Allseas Engineering bv is an engineering center of the Allseas group, a major player in the offshore pipe lay market and recently expanding the activities to the offshore heavy lift sector. Because of the necessity to design and build lifting structures and equipment of a tremendously high capacity, the demand for high-strength steels usage has...
doctoral thesis 2014