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Willemsen, Maurice (author)
We consider a system of IoT nodes powered completely by energy harvesting.This work focuses on achieving the time correlation of data measurements ina network of energy harvesting sensor nodes. Time correlation is achieved byhopping a message through the whole network. This message wakes up all thenodes and lets them perform a measurement....
master thesis 2020
Klaver, L.P. (author)
During the last years, Visible light communication (VLC), a novel technology that enables standard Light-Emitting-Diodes (LEDs) to transmit data, is gaining significant attention. In the near future, this technology could enable devices containing LEDs –such as car lights, city lights, screens and home appliances– to form their own networks. VLC...
master thesis 2014
Penkin, D. (author), Janssen, G.J.M. (author), Yarovoy, A. (author)
To effectively localise a source node in a dense wireless tiny-sensor network with an arbitrary 2D/3D node distribution, a novel approach suitable to describe the hop progress of source-to-sink path in such a system is proposed. In this approach, the network topology is described as a regular lattice and relates the statistical parameters of the...
journal article 2014