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Qiu, Y. (author)
Optimal flow control problems are important for applications in science and engineering. Solving such problems usually requires the solution of a large linear generalized saddle-point system. This linear system is sparse and highly indefinite. In order to solve such systems using Krylov subspace methods, efficient preconditioners are necessary...
doctoral thesis 2015
Qiu, Y. (author), Van Gijzen, M.B. (author), Van Wingerden, J. (author), Verhaegen, M. (author), Vuik, C. (author)
This paper studies a new preconditioning technique for sparse systems arising from discretized partial differential equations (PDEs) in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), which exploit the multilevel sequentially semiseparable (MSSS) structure of the system matrix. MSSS matrix computations give a data-sparse way to approximate the LU...
report 2013