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Chen, Peiran (author), Calis, Metin (author), Wijkstra, Hessel (author), Huang, Pintong (author), Hunyadi, Borbala (author), Mischi, Massimo (author)
A cost-effective, widely available, and practical diagnostic imaging tool for prostate cancer (PCa) localization is still lacking. Recently, the contrast-ultrasound dispersion imaging (CUDI) technique has been developed for PCa localization by quantifying dynamic contrast-enhanced ultrasound (DCE-US) acquisitions. Tissue stiffness is an...
conference paper 2022
Kaygan, Arda (author)
Functional ultrasound (fUS) is a neuroimaging modality that offers high spatial and temporal resolution while also providing portability. In this thesis, neuroimaging data acquired with fUS at Center for Ultrasound and Brain imaging at Erasmus MC (CUBE) is processed. Due to the fact that fUS data is inherently multidimensional, we propose using...
master thesis 2021