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Märtens, M. (author)
This thesis is a contribution to a deeper understanding of how information propagates and what this process entails. At its very core is the concept of the network: a collection of nodes and links, which describes the structure of the systems under investigation. The network is a mathematical model which allows to focus on a very fundamental...
doctoral thesis 2018
Jia, L. (author), Shen, S. (author), van de Bovenkamp, R. (author), Iosup, A. (author), Kuipers, F.A. (author), Epema, D.H.J. (author)
Multiplayer Online Games (MOGs) like Defense of the Ancients and StarCraft II have attracted hundreds of millions of users who communicate, interact, and socialize with each other through gaming. In MOGs, rich social relationships emerge and can be used to improve gaming services such as match recommendation and game population retention, which...
journal article 2015
Warmelink, H.J.G. (author), Siitonen, M. (author)
Numerous researchers have written about the social dynamics of player communities in multiplayer online games. Following a systematic review of refereed empirical research publications from 2000-2010, this article synthesizes the key methods and concepts researchers have used to study and characterize player communities, as well as the aspects...
conference paper 2011